Pratik Kunwar is a social and civic innovator and is the founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI). He has been working in the field of civic engagement, governance, and economic empowerment for six+ years across Asia, including Timor-Leste and Nepal. A reflection of his commitment to development, Pratik has been a Daayitwa National Public Service Fellow (2018), a WEF Global Shaper (2018), and UN SDSN Youth Local Pathways Fellow (2019). He was named a national changemaker by Accountability Lab in 2020. Recently, Pratik won the Global Shapers Community's 10-Year Challenge and was appointed to serve on the Impact Council of WEF's Global Shapers Community for 2022-23. In this role, he is responsible for strengthening the impact of 13,500 Global Shapers across 450+ hubs across the world.

Through his civic initiative Shaasan (meaning ‘governance’), Pratik is systematically changing how citizens interact and engage in civic, social, and political issues. He is pioneering Nepal's digital civic space, building people power through civic education, and transforming political apathy to engagement for young people. Since its inception in 2020, Shaasan has trained over 1100 youths in civic education - strengthening their capabilities as citizens and leaders online and offline. Shaasan is also the most prominent digital platform for civic information in Nepal, and its digital campaigns reach more than 100,000 citizens each month. Pratik was selected as a Fellow at the Swedish Insititute as a 'Young Influential Civil Society leaders from South Asia' in 2022.

For its work in empowering citizens and making elected leaders accountable and responsive in Nepal, the United Nations SDSN selected Shaasan as one of 50 ‘game-changing’ projects globally. For his work through Shaasan, Pratik was selected in 2021 for the Yunus & Youth Fellowship, the inaugural Feedback Labs Accelerator Fellowship, and won national and international support from numerous international organizations and agencies. In 2021, for its work to 'protect and promote digital civic space', CIVICUS selected Shaasan as a finalist for the prestigious Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Award. Pratik's work is supported by some of the world's leading organizations on governance, democracy, and innovation including the National Endowment for Democracy, The Roddenberry Foundation, and Accountability Lab, among others, and has been featured in leading national and international media outlets and reports.

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